DBT Group

Our DBT groups consist of skills training from the four modules (Mindfulness, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Distress Tolerance, and Emotion Regulation). Groups are 75 minutes and run weekly, each module is 5-6 weeks and new participants can join at the beginning of any new module. My DBT program was designed specifically for high-functioning people who are maintaining full-time work or school schedules, or transitioning towards that structure. Life is a lot for all of us and even high-functioning people have difficulty with emotion regulation and benefit greatly from DBT.

Requirements for group: initial individual consultation/ group screening if you are new to our practice. All participants are required to be in individual treatment for the duration of the group.

DBT for Binge Eating Disorder

Our DBT for BED follows the skills manual focusing on specific skills for behaviors associated with food, shame, and weight/body issues. The use of DBT skills brings a dialectical approach to abstinence and substitute behaviors to help cope with intense feelings while you are integrating your skillful self.  The best part is not having to do it alone. This group format is a total of 16 weeks and covers all four modules with additional focus areas around the addiction components and concrete living skills for navigating a recovery lifestyle.  This group is 75 minutes and requires a 16-week commitment.  Mondays 7:15-8:30pm. 

Women’s Group

Our Women’s group is an hour weekly support group. Each group consists of mindfulness, affirmations and weekly commitments. This is a group for women between 24-35 years of age dealing with life stressors of early career, new relationships, transitions, body image and individuality. We will address personal goals, the power of vulnerability and challenges with interpersonal connection and intimacy. The group is meant to be co-created by the participants, pulling from shared life experiences and validation to help one another through the struggles and triumphs of being a fabulous woman crushing it in NYC.

Mindfulness Group

This is a weekly mindfulness group where participants will learn different ways to practice mindfulness and cultivate a lifestyle that is present, peaceful, and non reactive.  We will learn the different attitudes of mindfulness and the day to day practical application of loving kindness.  We live in NYC, most of us can sit on a pillow and meditate, where it becomes more complicated is when we are being pushed in a subway car or splashed by a bus- our Zen can have a slightly different flavor. This group is for anyone who wants to feel less reactive and more in control of their own reactions and behaviors.